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salon 2000 testimonials Mrs. Lara Dutta (Actress)

Thank you for being so accommodating. It has been a pleasure to meet the management and the staff, will always come back.

salon 2000 testimonials Mrs. Yukta Mookhey (Actress)

One of the warmest people in the world to give excellent service.

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. Ajit Kumar (Actor)

“ Great Crew”. Love to come back as soon as possible. Keep Smiling!!!

Mrs. B.K.Pillai (Chairman Velankani Institute)

Personalised care at its best. I appreciate Mrs. Madhok for her hard work and great job.

Mr. Habibullah Badshah (Advocate)

Excellent service for about two decades.

Mr. Karan Chandok (Racer)

Nothing has changed in the last 15 years and that is the best part. Fantastic service as always.

salon 2000 testimonials Ms. Trisha (Actress)


salon 2000 testimonials Mrs. Khushboo (Actress)

Love to be associated with this place. Its special.

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. Anand Amritraj (Producer & former Tennis Player)

You have a very nice salon with great service. This is my second time here and I really enjoyed the experience. Thanks.

Mr.Shankar ( Director )

Always a pleasant experience with great styling and service.

Mr. P. N. Mohan ( Regular Client)

I have been customer for over 20 years and that speaks for itself.

Mrs. Ritu Arora ( Regular Client)

The facials and pedicures are very relaxing.

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. Vishwanathan Anand (Chesss Player)

Excellent Services and staff. Will come again.

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. S. Badrinath (Indian Team Cricketer)

Very hospitable and warm staff. Enjoyed the Salon. Will visit again.

salon 2000 testimonials Priya Raman (Actress)

I have been regular here for years and I have never had a cause to complain! The staff here is wonderful! And the service is real cool !

Mr. Vinayak ( Regular Client )

– I have been coming for over 20yrs and have nothing more to say. The service is as usual excellent.

Mrs. Margret Rajan ( Regular Client )

Its relaxing to be pampered by happy faces. Thanks!

Mrs. Alka Panday ( Regular Client)

Very courteous and trained staff.

salon 2000 testimonials Bhumika Chawla (Actress)

Very good & comfortable. Thanks! Keep it up! Quite friendly & warm.

salon 2000 testimonials Mrs. Shobana (Actress)

I feel comfortable here.

salon 2000 testimonials Mrs. Mumtaz (Actress)

Its very beautiful.

Mr. Ranvir Ranjit ( Regular Client )

Been visiting Salon for 20 years and cannot imagine my hair cut by anybody.

Mrs. Sharda Murugappan ( Regular Client )

I have been coming to the Salon from the time I got married. My husband, mother and two daughters also come. The staff is like a family. I enjoy coming here. I feel it is the best in Chennai.

Mrs. Radhika Srinivasan ( Regular Client )

The only parlour in Chennai where you can get the same staff over and over again. As a result they become like your personal physicians. I come here to get pampered.

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. Hariharan (Singer)

Excellent service. Did a very good job at shaping my beard & moustache.

salon 2000 testimonials Mrs. Sudha (Actress)

You have gone to great lengths to ensure your salon is one of the finest. You have spared no effort nor money nor time in your planning, details and execution. All this is well appreciated. You have taken care to ensure privacy inside the parlour. All the best.

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. Chiyaan Vikram (Actor)

Relaxing! Rejuvenating! Keep up the good work!!

Mrs.Priyanka Chandrasekar ( Regular Client )


Mrs. Mamta Apparav ( Regular Client )

Feels great to be pampered here with noble staff.

Mrs. Nandita Krishnan ( Chairman C. P. Ramaswamy Trust )

The service is excellent!!!

salon 2000 testimonials Mrs. Shilpa Shetty (Actress)

Just Great

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. Mani Ratnam (Director)

Staff was very efficient and courteous wonderful.

salon 2000 testimonials Nayantara (Actress)

Superb facial and very good experience.

Mr. Anil Bhalla (Businessman )

Very hospitable.

) Mrs. Ayesha Siddiqui ( Housewife)

Great ambience and service. Smiling faces of the staff is comforting.

Mrs. Ravishankar (Housewife)

Extremely satisfied. Best place for facials.

salon 2000 testimonials Mr. Shankar(Director)

Pleasant and very good service and styling.

salon 2000 testimonials Jennifer ( U S Consulate)

Two years of great haircuts and counting.

Sharda Murugappan

I have been coming to the Salon from the time i got married. My husband, mother and 2 daughters also come. The staff are like family. I enjoy coming here. I feel it is the best in Chennai.

Mrs . Lakshmi Venugopal ( Industrialist )

Always a pleasure to come here.

Mr. A. Shankar

Best place in town for excellent personalised care for hair! I Have been visiting them since 1985.

Mrs. Archana Raju ( Regular Client )

Very neatly maintained salon with very humble and polite staff. Being located at residential area , makes it very easy and convenient for residents.

Mr. Allan Donald (Cricketer )

Simply the best hair cut I have had in long time and hope to be back soon.

Mr. Varun Mahan ( Criminal Lawyer )

The best in town!!

Mrs. Seema Bhargav ( Regular Client )

– Always delighted by the service I get here. Thank You!!

Mrs. K. Kamla Rao ( Regular Client )

A member for past 15 years. The warmth and hospitality shown by staff is commendable.

Mr. Vicky Chandok ( Regular Client )

– I have always enjoyed the attention to detail by the crew. A clean and hygienic place with most pleasant ambience.

Dr. Om Rangabhashyam ( Regular Client )

Very nice and most comfortable space with friendly staff.

Dr. S. E. Alexander ( Editor Food & Health Magazine )

Personalised service at its best.