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Hair ( Men, Women, Infants, Toddlers)

Salon 2000 Poes Garden Chennai Your crowning Glory – Speaks volumes of your personality

1)  Precision and Creative cuts and styles
Depending on your preference you get to choose your hairdresser or be with a hairdresser who is the star hair dresser for our own very high profile guests for more than 3 decades.

2)  Colouring and highlights
Our competent therapists use Professional Products to cover those greys or stylish highlights for a new you. We use products to suit your preference from an array of Ammonia free and permanent colours.

3)  Head Massage
The favourite treatment of all to pamper yourself to stimulate nerves, nourish your roots, scalp and hair leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Choose from
a)  Herbal Oil: Shahnaz, Moroccon & Mythic
b)  Olive Oil
c)  Gingelly Oil
d)  Your personal Oil

4)  Hair Spa
Treat your hair to a complete rejuvenation hair spa treatment based on the sensory system with cationic surfactant. Our Hair dressers have been trained by L’oreal & Moroccon oil professionals to diagnose and personalize each treatment to the unique needs of your scalp and hair.

5)  Mythic Oil - L’oreal Exclusive Treatment .
Our new treatment especially for over coloured and damaged hair. A legendary hair care range empowered with nature’s best kept and most powerful secrets – OILS. The key to rich sensorials, deep nourishment and magical shine. Mythic Oil is the ultimate beauty secret, waiting to be unlocked by you.

Six essential oils hold the secret which will give you the ultimate experience.
a)  Argan Oil – Repairing & hydrating, Softness & shine
b)  Rice Bran Oil – Smoothing & softening. Deeply nourishes the fibre.
c)  Cypress Oil – Purifying & vitalizing energy.
d)  Green Tea Oil – Antioxidant, calming effect.
e)  Cotton Seed Oil – Nourishing & regenerating, Airy touch & softness.
f)  Citrus Oil – Purifying & clarifying, Activates scalps microcirculation.

Mythic Oil consists of Technical Range which comprises of

1)  Nourishing Shampoo
A gentle, cleansing base for all hair types, which intensely nourishes and rejuvenates hair. Its oily texture lends a great shine to your hair, making it look alive and radiant. Its secret are Argan oil and Cotton seed oil.

2)  Nourishing Masque
A rich, creamy texture for all hair types, which completes the ultimate cleansing experience. Hair will be left deeply nourished, disciplined and glowing. Its secret are Argan oil and Cotton seed oil.

3)  Purifying Oil
A powerful formula that offers an intense and refreshing experience. It treats your scalp with a gentle soothing effect and gives your hair new vigor. Its secret are Cypress oil, Green tea oil, Citrus Oil.

4)  Rich Oil
A blend of regenerative oils, suitable for all hair types. It provides rebellious tresses with deep nourishment, anti-frizz protection & legendary discipline. Its secret are Argan oil, Rice bran oil.

6)  Sha Tone Treatment( Herbal Hair Tonic)

Our most recommended , tried and tested treatment for
a)  Hair fall Control
b)  Dandruff Control
c)  Deep Conditioning

A miraculous formula, consisting of Therapeutic Herbal extracts to control hair loss, dandruff and hair greying. It also stimulates hair growth and thickness. A specialized preparation for revitalizing the hair and imparting natural lustre. Excellent for texturizing rough, brittle hair with split ends.

7)  Hair wash / Dry / Blow Dry / Crimping / Roll
To style your look for any special occasion, our stylist use serums, styling products that provide maximum effectiveness and minimum damage to your hair.

8)  Hair Colouring
Your hair colour is the most important part of your grooming. Being a Exclusive Salon Our Therapists have been trained professional experts for the use of color products. We carry and use hair colors without Ammonia and Permanent colour .

Our services include Root Touch Up, Full Streaking, Per Streak, colour stripping, prelightening.

9)  Hair Smoothening Services
These include X-Tenso, Rebonding and Straightening are provided using L’oreal & Wella products.We make sure that no damage is done to your hair during this procedure..


Salon 2000 Poes Garden Chennai We are a Natural & skin friendly franchise for the last 25 years . Our products are well tested, backed with R&D and internationally famous and established herbal products in Skin & Hair Care. We do not mix products.

Our Therapists have been trained by experts from the Academy in Skin Care. Our Therapists will analyse your skin and recommend the Special Facial Treatment for your face or you can choose yourself from the list given below.


Salon 2000 Poes Garden Chennai 1)  MINI FACIAL
Cleanse and pack in short time , ideal for parties and function if you are short of time .

(Cleanse, massage and pack) De-stressing facial for normal skin using Sha Life, a herbal vitaminised nourishing cream.

Excellent for Dermabrasing premature wrinkles.The special pack contains herbs like Abhrak, Babul, Sudh, Gairika & Gulab Pushp which lightens scars and marks glow to the face .

A very effective treatment for acne, pimples and rash conditions. The treatment uses Shazema, a herbal powerful ayurvedic lotion which deep cleanse epidermal skin layer preventing pimples and the Sha Clove pack which contains Clove Oil & Ashwa Gandha, which treats oily sensitive skin giving it a smoothening effect.

The precious pearl and whitening rehydrated moisturising cream is used along with Sea Oil and Sea Scrub. Research has revealed that pearls contains a combination of natural substance that helps to improve rejuvenation of the skin cells. This treatment is ideal for pigmentation , skin firm, supple, smooth and young.

It is based on an ancient thermal mask, complete treatment in itself. It deep clesnses the pores, restores skin balance, nourishing the skin and tightens the tissue thus improving cell respiration and renewal.

Same as above but here the mask also contains natural extracts of Rose, Bale, Mint, Henna

It is herbal experience for you because we use different types of fruits juices and pulps of the fruits. According to your skin type we will use the fruits.

This is a clinical treatment and uses special methods of massage. The treatment encourages lymphatic drainage and removal of wastes and toxins. The main ingredients are Gold Cream and Gold Gel. These contain 24 Carat Gold, Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ Oil and Sandal Wood. The Gold Facial helps to improve blood circulation, skin elasticity, rejuvenates the skin and helps in delaying the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Uses products super charged with Diamondbhasma, emollients revitaziing botanicals and age defying ingredients like Majorika, Yashad Bhasma, Orange Oil and Gairika. This age defying formulation drains toxins while aggressively controlling the dehydration process. The double scrub has the power to exfoliate & dehydrates. It revitalizes and gives and invaluable visible lift while tightening and porcelaining the pores.


Salon 2000 Poes Garden Chennai Our hands are on display all the time. Even when we talk, we use gestures and gesticulations. Rough wrinkled hands, chipped nails show poorly of your personality. A professional Manicure at Salon 2000 will get your hands and nails treated to exfoliation, intense moisturizing, trimming of nails, cuticle care and a reflexology massage for your arms and hand.

Choose from the following services.
1)  Deluxe Manicure( Cut, Massage with reflexology and polish)
2)  Spa Manicure(Cut, File, Massage with reflexology and special pack)
3)  French Manicure
4)  Mini Manicure( Cut, File, No massage and cuticle cutting)
5)  Nail Art for your top 10.


Salon 2000 Poes Garden Chennai Pedicure our USP
Feet are most neglected part of our body. Foot care is most important, if proper care is not taken Corns, Calluses occur. The hot and humid climate of Chennai can quite often cause fungus on the feet.

A classic pedicure at Salon 2000 is aimed at soothing your weary soles. Feet care concentrate at cleaning, scrubbing, moisturizing, cuticle care. Reflexology massage of legs and feet making them relaxed and rejuvenated.

For happy feet choose from our following services.
1)  Spa Pedicure( Cut, File, Scrub & Reflexology Massage and pack with herbs, minerals salts and polish)
2)  Deluxe Pedicure( Cut, File, Scrub, Reflexology massage and polish)
3)  French Pedicure
4)  Mini Pedicure( No Massage, No Cuticle Work)
4)  Corn Cutting
5)  Feet – Cut, File , Polish
6)  In growth cutting
7)  Only feet scrubbing


Salon 2000 Poes Garden Chennai Removal of unwanted hair is pain free at Salon 2000. It is the best option over hair removal creams and shaving and other home remedies. We make our own wax and have well trained therapist who will remove hair gently without damaging the skin.

Just relax and let them take over and choose from these services given below
1)  B- Line waxing
2)  Arms and legs waxing
3)  Stomach waxing
4)  Face waxing
5)  Chest waxing
6)  Full Body waxing

Make up

Salon 2000 Poes Garden Chennai Put your best face forward. Make up highlights your natural features. For the women of Today make up is the part of her personality. At Salon 2000 our make-up artists have been trained by the well known Make Up artists like Cory Wali and Ambica Pillai. We customize your make up to suit your skin, complexion for any occasion . We use professional products like MAC , Krylon & Bobbi Brown etc.

Choose from the following services
1)  Day Make Up for a special occasion or meeting.
2)  Party Make Up
3)  Eye Make Up only.


Excellent Services and staff. Will come again.
- Mr. Vishwanathan Anandreadmore



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